This is my research blog for J412- Political Economy of Media. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reading and writing about services that offer music downloading, like iTunes and Pandora. Music has historically been commodified through a variety of means, but in recent years the trend of downloading via the internet has made sweeping changes in how people purchase music. Now the majority of music is downloaded digitally.

My interest in these music services as commodities is because of their overwhelming popularity. Everywhere I go I see people using some form of music download service, commodities that they pay a monthly fee for. CDs, like the cassette tapes that came before them, are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

I had originally planned to do this project in “old media” format, as a series of three essays. I have switched to blog format because it should allow me the freedom to “roll with the punches” and more thoroughly immerse myself in my assignment. The goals and direction of this blog will evolve as the project goes on; I am looking forward to some feedback and advice for future posts.

For my first post, I’ll be looking into the iTunes service, which is making a shift from downloadable mp3s to the “cloud” format, which allows users to listen to a variety of tracks for a set monthly fee.




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